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Practice Makes Possible™ Writing Prompts

Practice Makes Possible™! Practice teaches you to write any place, any time, for any length of time.  With practice you quit "trying" and learn to let your writing go deep to develop roots. Practice with writing prompts is a way to access your imagination.

When you sign up for Practice Makes Possible™ Writing Prompts, you will receive an introductory email from Peggy explaining her unique method and how best to use the prompts to enhance your writing practice. The Practice Makes Possible™ Writing Prompts are e-mailed to you each morning, five days per week (Mon-Fri).  Each prompt will be unique and comes with a set amount of time that you should write (10 to 45 minutes). A quote for the day is also included to further inspire your creativity!  The prompt will act as a key that unlocks the door of memories or creative wordplay. You will be surprised at what you find there! And if you choose, you can even email us the result of one of your prompt writes. We love to spotlight participant writings in our Monthly E-Letter for Writers!

Peggy's Monthly E-Newsletter for Writers

Peggy's monthly e-newsletter is a favorite in our growing writing community. Each month (usually mid-month), you'll enjoy regular column features such as:

  • Wordly Wise - Peggy's personal article to her fellow writers,
  • Participant Spotlight - highlighting an article, poem, etc., written by a ClarityWorks participant. Often these are submitted from the daily writing prompts!
  • News You Need to Know - Gleaned from numerous publications, several upcoming submission or contest opportunities and deadlines are featured, with links to the details.
  • Kudos - A happy, bragging-rights list of ClarityWorks participants and their publishing successes.

Additional features include Peggy's Calendar of Events, News for NC Writers, Book Reviews, and additional tidbits relevant to the world of writing.

Don't miss a single issue! Sign up for our mailing list today. Just enter your email address in the 'Free Writing Prompts & E-newsletter' box (see it on the left side of your screen?) click "GO!" and select your interests. Welcome to our writing community!

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I have a truth inside me I want to express, a special truth that only I can tell. We all do. That’s why we write.  And this realization is the great gift that Peggy’s ClarityWorks' programs have given me—and continue to give me.

Cheryl Dietrich, North Carolina
A participant in both classes and retreats, Cheryl has published essays and fiction in The Gettysburg Review, Mudrock Stories and Tales, WNC Woman and on longstoryshort.com.