Family Matters - The Power of Personal Story

Experience one of Peggy Tabor Millin's most popular workshops in this two-CD set.

Family Matters CD-new

Our family defines us no matter how we define "family."

Our family leaves its mark on our features, our personalities, and our souls. Telling family stories provides a way to sort through who we have become and to share the path we have traveled with others. Centered Writing Practice leads us where we need to go, sometimes ferreting out the forgotten or correcting the misperceived. Without intent or design, writing family stories can heal wounds from the past and free us to more fully ourselves.

Order today, and let Peggy's unique teaching style guide you in gathering your family stories. Also makes a great gift to share!

Two-CD set, 2 hours  $16.99

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This two-CD audio set provides the core of an all-day writing workshop sponsored by the North Carolina Writers Network. Spend two hours working with Peggy! You will be able to write with the prompts, listen to participants read, and hear tips on writing process and writing craft. Experience Peggy's acclaimed teaching style and learn Centered Writing Practice™ at the same time.


Now available as an mp3 download from CD Baby. Click here to visit Peggy's artist page at CD Baby.

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